Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Tire Company, Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers.Dobbs Tire & Auto Graphics Install
A culmination of design, imaging and installation creating a signature store appearance.

When the creative team for Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers decided to open a new location in Edwardsville, IL, Shawn Fogle and the Swift Print team was fortunate to be contacted early in the store build-out stage. From there were on site as construction was underway and started matching building drawings to what we could see before us. This is literally where the rubber meets the road.

Collectively, we took measurements, discussed materials to use and began the in-store

design phase. What made this uniqueDobbs Tire & Auto Graphics Install from previous work together is there was a desire to create something in the store with visual appeal like no other. It was expressed that the client wants “that one thing” that gives visitors a special feel of quality and comfort knowing, “these folks are pros.” From that genesis we discussed many options and settled on an arch shaped dimensional brushed aluminum header marque element with back painted acrylic letters. In this case while it looked okay on paper, in person it was a completely different outcome. It created a signature design for all to enjoy.

It’s one thing to apply digital graphics to the walls, it is another to hang tires over it and make sure it all works together visually and functionally. Think tire mounts, graphic mounting studs, is it straight, is it spaced appropriately apart, how does it work with the surrounding video screens. Details, details details. I always marvel about all the considerations and effort that goes into a well-designed space. Being a part of the process is even better.

Special recognition to Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers, Phoenix Creative, Designery and the Swift Print Team for their tireless efforts in bringing this new store opening to life.

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