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Should Catalogs Come Back?

I recently read an article written by Twosides ( titled "Reaching Consumers in an Environmentally Responsible Way: The Return of the Printed Catalog". I thought it did a complelling job highlighting the value and benefits of printed catalogs to help marketing efforts which more often than not are awash in a sea of digital efforts.

Since this is a blog I'll provide my "crib" notes:

  • "Printed catalogs are coming back in a big way. Market research firm Keypoint Intellegence reports that digital print volumes - the production method for most smaller-run catalogs has rebounded...and demand is expected to soar past prepandemic production next year and continue rising at a compound annual rate of 8% through 2025."


  • "As the rising cost of digital advertisng increasing the cost of acquiring and keeping customers, brands are looking for omnichannel strategies that enhance customer experiences, build loyalty and increase sales. Printed catalogs allow brands to connect with consumers in ways that digital platforms cannot."
  • "The touch, feel and even smell of catalogs provide a more intimate shopping encounter."
  • "Catalogs have staying power far beyond a quick scan on a handheld device."
  • "Catalogs have an enticing visual appeal which offers a shopping-as-entertainment experience that drives consumers on-line to learn more, seek additional products and make both on-line and in store purchases."

In this crowded media environment, sometimes it makes sense to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

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