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SwiftClick print services on-demand SwiftClick print services on-demand

SwiftClick - Custom Print Solutions on Demand

At Swift Print Communications, we believe in a philosophy of Continuous Process Improvement – always striving to find new and improved ways to provide the best, most efficient custom printing services and solutions to our customers. One of the most effective solutions our local print shop can offer our customers with recurring order needs is SwiftClick, our web-based, on demand print production solution.

Through SwiftClick, stakeholders throughout your company can quickly and easily distribute marketing materials and collateral using an intuitive web-based interface accessible from any browser connected to the internet. As an industry-leading, state-of-the-art print solution offering best-in-class service, SwiftClick allows your company to:

  • Simplify and automate the ordering process for marketing materials and collateral.

  • Improve the speed at which marketing materials reach their destination, either internal marketing team members or external customers, by shortening the time it takes orders to be received and processed for production.

  • Develop a system that makes personalizing printed material for your marketing team and/or customers quick and easy for very little increased cost.

Standardizing and automating as much of the ordering and production workflow as possible allows our local print shop to provide greater throughput, minimize errors, and achieve far greater efficiency leading to numerous direct benefits to your company’s bottom-line.

SwiftClick Capabilities

At Swift Print Communications, we developed our web-based custom print solution with the needs of our customers foremost in our minds. Simple, intuitive, and fast, SwiftClick provides a familiar shopping experience that allows for increased production speed as well as increased control over your custom printed materials with a low learning curve for new users.

Protecting the Three Pillars of Marketing Material Production


Ensure brand standards and compliance by enforcing brand rules and locking down design elements as needed to prevent unauthorized users from improvising.


Easy access to an online marketing hub allows for control over marketing assets, order frequency, and monthly user spend with strict control over various user permissions.


Prevent over-ordering and limit waste by distributing the responsibility for placing orders and managing inventory at a granular level with the inclusion of “smart” re-order points.

Additional SwiftClick Benefits

Back End Analytics

SwiftClick’s reporting system provides valuable insights for making marketing and sales decisions. Determine what products are moving the fastest, which users are most active, and users preferred shipping methods.

Beyond Traditional Print Projects

In addition to print materials, SwiftClick also allows for handling of all branded promotional products ranging from ink pens to custom branded golf balls.

Enhanced Digital Asset Management

SwiftClick can store all of your company’s digital brand assets as well as provide an easy way for assets to be searched and accessed for uploading, downloading, and sharing across various multi-media marketing channels.

How SwiftClick Works

1) The Order is Placed and Proofed Online

A customized catalog of your company’s corporate materials is inventoried online at SwiftClick. Your print buyer, your partner, or your authorized employees log on and select, edit, and order the desired piece. You control authorization, editing features, and pricing, etc.

2) The Order is Produced

Your order is processed at Swift Print Communications in a quick and efficient manner according to the specifications and pricing structure determined at the time of setup.

3) The Order is Shipped

Your order is shipped to its specified delivery locations via the shipping method and delivery speed specified in the online order.

Get Started with SwiftClick Today

 At Swift Print Communications, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality print solutions in the most efficient manner possible. Our SwiftClick software is trusted by large and small companies alike. Some of our customers currently using our SwiftClick custom print solutions to benefit their organization include powerhouses such as Purina, Axiom, Parker, and more! If you are interested in learning more about SwiftClick, contact our team today and let us present a personal demonstration of how SwiftClick can directly benefit your company’s bottom-line.