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multiple types print material finishing services and equipment multiple types print material finishing services and equipment

Custom Print Material Finishing Services

Boasting the broadest array of “finishing equipment” in the region, our quality printers at Swift Print Communications are equipped to “finish” your project any way you see fit. From simple folding to saddle-stitch, perfecting binding, coil or wire-o binding, laminating, and die cutting, we perform it all at our custom printing and finishing facility in St. Louis, MO.

For our team, it’s about accountability. At Swift Print Communications, we stand by our motto “We will do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.” The only way to ensure that motto translates into action is to have the best equipment available and the talented operators ready for the opportunity. 

Our Finishing Services

As part of our custom printing services at Swift Print Communications, we offer a plethora of finishing services for your printed products such as magazines, brochures, custom pocket folders, business cards, and much more. Our finishing services include:

Cutting and Trimming

At Swift Print Communications, our team will provide cutting and trimming services to separate and trim sheets to your specified desired size, as well as remove any extraneous edges.


For products such as books, folding is required. At our local print shop, we’ll fold large press sheets into signatures in order to create top quality magazines, books, brochures, and more!

Collating and Gathering

At Swift Print Communications, we’ll provide collating and gathering services in order to place folded or individual sheets in the correct sequence for your magazine, catalog, or packet.

Mechanical and Coil Binding

After sheets have been printed, cut, trimmed, folded, collated, and gathered, our team will perform mechanical or coil binding in order to fasten the sheets together.


At Swift Print Communications, our custom printing solutions also include coating services to enhance and create eye-catching contrasts on your printed products. Our coating services include UV coating, spot coating, and more!


In order to protect your prints from moisture, stains, tears, etc., our expert printers can provide laminating services to any individual printed pieces.


An excellent way to have your printed piece stand out is through die-cutting. At our local print shop, we can provide die-cutting services and produce prints in your desired unique shape and size!


For products such as calendars, our team can provide tinning services to prevent corners and edges form curling and allow plain or laminated sheets to hang flat.

Shrink Wrapping

At Swift Print Communications, we strive to ensure your finished products are shipped in perfect condition, which is why our print shop offers shrink wrapping services to offer superior protection for all your printed pieces.

Additional Finishing Services

A few more of our offered finishing services include:

  • Edge Staining

  • Tab Pages

  • Wire-O Binding

  • Punching (Three-Hole, 5-hole, and automotive punching)

  • Round Corners

  • Padding

Even if you do not see your desired finishing option named above, do not worry! Operating in the printing and finishing business for over a 100 years means we have likely done it before – many times!  Reach out to us with any of your custom finishing needs

Contact Us for Your Finishing Needs

At our printing facility in St. Louis, MO, we strive to deliver top quality finishing services to ensure your finished products meet your expectations and impress your customers. To learn more about our custom printing finishing services, or to get your project started, contact our experts at Swift Print Communications today!

Finishing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer standalone finishing services?

We certainly do. At Swift Print Communications, we offer trade print finishing as a standalone service for any requested services independent of print. If you already have a printed piece and are only in need of finishing services, our team can help. To learn more about our trade finishing services, contact our printers today!

Do you offer finishing services to those outside of St. Louis, MO?

Yes! While our headquarters are in St. Louis, MO, our finishing services are available to our customers across the country. To learn more about our custom printing capabilities, contact our print shop today!

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