The Chess Capital of the United States

chess capital of united states

The World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) celebrates one of the world’s classic and best-loved games. It has distinguished St. Louis as the chess capital of the United States, a national and international destination for chess, art and history lovers alike. Additionally, the WCHOF is home to Guinness World Records' Largest Chess Piece.

As the WCHOF expands it is with great pleasure Swift Print Communications was selected to help with the privacy graphics during the renovation from old to new. We started with a city block of blank windows measuring each for exact width, height and distinguishing features. From there we created a schematic labeling each so the design team could build creative renderings showing how it would look at completion before even starting.

From there photos were reviewed, adjusted and enhanced for best quality and visual appeal. Some graphics spanned multiple windows. Getting the spacing right between them so everything appears optically correct in the end was no small feat. From there we imaged to a special bubble free Mactac adhesive to aid in a quick and clean install leading to an eventual residue free removal when the time comes to remove the graphics and reveal what has been created inside.

From discussions, to measuring, to renders, printing and installation Swift Print Communications took responsibility for each and every milestone. It’s like one stop shopping for all your storefront graphics. What can we do for you and your teams?

Mockups of Window Graphics

external building graphics

external building graphics

front door and window graphics

window graphics

chess hall of fame building

world chess hall of fame graphics

chess hall of fame window graphic

chess hall of fame graphics

graphics planning

hall of fame building

building before window graphics

building before graphics

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