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Keeping It Clean


Did you know we can digitally print flyers on a special stock so can they be cleaned and reused?

This allows you to clean and sanitize your graphics using any non-abrasive multi-surface cleaner.

When printed with our special stocks the printed piece can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down for sanitation purposes.

Need them to be disposable? We can do that too.

The old way for printing reusuable menus & flyers was to print on paper and then laminate with an outer lip. This is typically unappealing and gets tattered looking over time.old menu printing

Our new way prints directly on a nice white smooth wipeable surface for easy cleaning and sanitizing. It comes in two thicknesses (10mil vs 15mil).new menu printing

Example Pricing:

menu printing example pricing8.5x11, Full Color, 1/Sides

15mil Wipeable Stock

100 = $2.44 each

250 = $1.36 each

500 = $1.06 each

1000 = $0.91 each

Same as above except 2/S

100 = $2.59 each

250 = $1.53 each

500 = $1.19 each

1000 = $1.02 each

Contact us for an estimate on your next printing, direct mail or signage project and we will be eager to assist.


Give us a call. Oftentimes we can meet even the craziest of deadlines. Not always, but we will certainly do everything possible to not disappoint.

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