"Our challenge is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better." - Sydney Harris

We think this is a profound quote and so very true. When things remain the same they rarely get better yet the challenges of changing is difficult - even when you know in your heart of hearts those challenges will be well worth the effort.

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Should Catalogs Come Back?

I recently read an article written by Twosides ( titled "Reaching Consumers in an Environmentally Responsible Way: The Return of the Printed Catalog". I thought it did a complelling job highlighting the value and benefits of printed catalogs to help marketing efforts which more often than not are awash in a sea of digital efforts.

Since this is a blog I'll provide my "crib" notes:

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Technology and Print Working Together

Once again print proves itself to be an important part of any new product launch/campaign. Don't take my word for it though. Here is what Ed Kneip Jr., president and founder of Orderex, has to say about the uses and benefits. "In the world of the internet today, it seems that so many people consider printed communications to be a thing of the past. We are finding the opposite - print has evolved and is meeting our needs better than ever. Small runs for traditional marketing leave behinds still make a difference for us. With today's technology and quality, we are able to do A/B message testing to see what messages resonate the most, refine that message and get back to the market in a matter of days. We also need to have material printed on new substrates that can be applied to tables, floors, and windows. Here too, small runs, amazing quality, and quick turns help us to create immediate value for our customers. Our next step is to explore how technology and expertise have increased response and return on mailers. Having a partner that can do all of this seamlessly and in any size run we need is amazing."

Orderex is the first solution built to enhance the dining experience. "Finally take back control of your dining experience."


Greenwashing Leads To Misleading Anti-Paper Statements

Greenwashing is “disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present and environmentally responsible public image (Oxford)”. You and your family and friends have, more than likely, been exposed to Greenwashing without even knowing it. When you receive invoices and other corporate information in the mail you are, more likely than not, encouraged to “Go Green – Go Paperless” or “Choose e-billing and help save a tree”. What those messages are really saying is allow us to serve you digitally so we can cut costs and improve profits.

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Innovation in Print

As we turn towards a new year I have a tendency to reminisce on the past and ponder the speed in which technological advances are made. It is mind boggling! I was just reading an article where the US has launched its 26th SpaceX rocket this year – since when did rocket launches happen so frequently they became non-news?

As I was thinking about that I began to think (as I usually do) about the advances in the print industry. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press (arguably one of the most important inventions in history) in 1450. That simple platen press was the method everyone used until the invention of the “offset press” in 1875 a mere 425 years. The offset press, which still produces the “bulk” of printed pages, yet it is steadily losing page counts to “digital” presses which were invented and placed into production as early as 1959 (Xerox’s 1st machine weighed more than 650 pounds and was apt to catch fire). Widespread adoption of “digital” presses didn’t really occur until the early 1990’s. So, if my math is correct, offset’s reign lasted about 115 years. The new frontier seems to be “inkjet” technology which burst on the commercial printing scene in 2015. The technology has an astounding ability to disperse 165,000 droplets per second (sure beats setting type by hand!) allowing for photographic quality printing – our Holy Grail. Will “digital’s” reign last a mere 25 years?

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Giving Thanks

Partners and Friends,

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season the entire team at Swift Print Communications and  I want to take a minute to share our sincere thanks for th partnership, support, friendship and loyalty you’ve shown us this year.

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