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What’s in your Cup?

Use it or trash it?

I love this analogy!

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The Swift Way

I was honored to have been chosen to write a Blog for our new and exciting website (  The very first thing I did was to Google “what is a blog”, and then I called my mother to share my excitement!  

Here’s the real deal.  I’ve read a ton of blogs over the years, and I actually do know what one is.  You can call what I write a blog, but what I’m actually starting on here is more of a journal about why I choose to be a Swift team member and what Swift Print Communications means to me and my customers.  

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Practice Gratitude

The simple truth for me is, there was a time when Life in every way was beautiful, amazingly wonderful and a tremendous gift until my thoughts get wrapped around a difficult circumstance, situation or task, then I tell myself how difficult and unacceptable it is and life's no longer so simple or beautiful. All I is see is the problem and I bounce from problem to problem...

Then I would tell a few people my new problem and with each telling it grows even more toxic in my mind.

When I began to practice gratitude in all conditions and under all circumstances I was slowly, able to Let these stories go.

Recognition of or our present circumstances is enough. No need to label it a problem- it’s just life happening, no need to personalize it.

Take necessary actions, if needed still more action whatever is required, still practicing gratitude in all things. It will pass. Thoughts always pass. What keeps a thought lodged in our mind, is our resistance. Lean into life. You can do this.

We don't even recall our huge dramas, obstacles, horrible problems, from years, months and even a few weeks ago.

You are magnificent. Lean into life. Walk towards whatever seems to difficult. Make this a practice.