File FormatsSwift Print Communications Acceptable File Formats

Page layout Programs: Indesign CS to CS5 Mac and PC, Quark, Pagemaker

Acceptable program files: Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF

Acceptable image formats: .EPS, .TIFF, .JPG, .AI, .PSD

Other file types: While we will accept non post-script files, these files will result in additional charges. This applies to Word and Publisher. If you do use a Microsoft program to create your file, we highly recommend saving your document as a PDF. To do this, you may need a PDF creation program.

If you are unable to create a file in the preferred format, do not hesitate to call customer service at 314-991-4300.

Resolution should be 300dpi at 100% of the finished size.
For example, if your poster will be 18" x 24", the dpi at 18" x 24" should be 300. Using this same example, if your document dimensions are smaller than 18" x 24" and the file is already 300 dpi, when the document is blown up to 18" x 24" the dpi will no longer be 300.

Include a 1/8" bleed if you want ink coverage to extend all the way to the trim. For example, if your trim size is 11 X 17, then your document size should also be 11 X 17. To create bleed you will need to make sure your images extend at least 1/8"(0.125") beyond the edge of the document on all sides where bleed is required. Before you export to pdf please make sure you have included 0.125" bleed in your settings.

If you are laying pages out in photoshop or Microsoft applications, then you will need to make your documents size 1/8" larger on all sides (11.25 X 17.25" for an 11 X 17" trim size).

Color: Make sure your file is built in the correct color mode.  Four (4) Color: needs to be in CMYK mode.  One of the most common color and ink issues occur when artwork is submitted in RGB, which is the color mode for on-screen viewing. Printing is done with 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, so your file must contain this color information in order for us to process it.
Two (2) or Three (3) color: Spot Color.
For two or three colors, your file must be set up in spot color in order to print correctly. Only postscript programs like Indesign, Illustrator, Quark, etc, have the ability to do this. You will need to have the proper swatches applied to every area in the art where spot inks are to be used. Photoshop can be more of a challenge because the different inks need to be set up in "Spot Channels" with the proper Pantone color specified.
One (1) color or Black & White: Grayscale.
One color and Black and White printing only uses one ink, so your file will need to be set up in Grayscale.

SPELL CHECK your text. After a proof has been generated, file re-submit fees will apply.

Measure all folds to ensure panels line up correctly.
HINT: A trifold brochure will not fold in exactly thirds. The outside panel will be slightly larger (3 11/16" or 3 3/4") and the inside flap will be slightly smaller (3 1/2" or 3 9/16").

Hard Copy: Be sure to include with your file a hardcopy for us to check against. If this is not feasible please send along a PDF that we can use for a comparison check.

Ink limit is the total sum percentage of process ink allowed. 100% of each process ink color totals to 400%. Any image that exceeds the maximum allowable of 300% here at Swift, will need to be fixed prior to printing.